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I make videogames. I have done since I was about ten years old. I had my first titles, Subterranean Nightmare and (the frankly pretty terrible) Skateboard Joust, published on the ZX Spectrum when I was 15.

For the past 15 years I have been lucky enough to have been doing it for a living – creating games for mobile (feature) phones and smartphones via my company BitBull. My titles are served on all the major International operator portals, have regularly featured in the ELSPA charts, and have won several Pocket-Gamer awards. In 2013 my original puzzle game ‘Puzzled Zombies‘ was nominated for Pocket Gamer’s ‘Game Of The Year’ alongside entries from big players such as Namco and Electronic Arts. Before I made games for a living I served as Creative Director of Syzygy Ag and spent some time as a freelance Type Designer. I’m also half of fledgling indie developer Joystick Junkyard.

Being an independent games developer is not easy. I’ve been doing this a long time yet am still tearing my hair out and learning new things pretty much every day. The rate this business is changing I may as well know nothing – but I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can hang in there.

Get in touch via the BitBull website or Twitter.

BitBull are a mobile game and app developer based in the Bath Bristol area, UK. We develop apps and games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using Xamarin.

Why not check out our latest game – ‘Jetboard Joust‘!

Jetboard Joust

Attack of Giant Jumping Man


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