Jetboard Joust Devlog #11 – Scanner Wobble

Just added a ‘Defender’ style scanner to show the location of enemies within the world. Not a lot to report here as this was one of those jobs where I knew what I had to do and just had to crank it out. Certain amount of experimentation with the ‘rasterization’ type effect which I think does the job but is unlikely to win me any awards.

One thing that’s bugging me is the fact the the enemy locations ‘wobble’ a bit as you can see from the GIF. I’ve run up against this type of thing before, it’s some kind of rounding issue which needs to be fixed. Thinking about it I might be better off rendering the whole scanner to an offscreen image each frame and then drawing that to screen at the appropriate offset. This would also allow me to draw with a custom shader and probably generate a cooler raster/tv type effect.

Dev Time: 0.5 days (including project setup)
Total Dev Time: approx 14.5 days

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The (Currently Slightly Wobbly) Scanner In Action

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