Jetboard Joust Devlog #38 – 2D Or Not 2D?

It’s funny how this stuff works. You design sprite A and are perfectly happy with it, then you add sprite B which you feel is even better and sprite A now seems rather lacklustre in comparison. So you go back and tweak sprite A – which is great, only sprite B now seems to have lost its sheen a bit and needs a bit more work. And on and on it goes…

Looking back on this Devlog I’ve been through this process a few times and this week I’ve been bitten by the bug yet again. Even though I know this is a 2D game I was feeling that the buildings that make up the terrain just felt a little too 2D (22D?) and needed something to give them a bit more depth.

I remembered how @PVBroadz had been through similar a process when we were working on Attack Of Giant Jumping Man (he blogged about it here) and I felt a similar solution would work for Jetboard Joust.

So I started redrawing the buildings – keeping the same ‘space aztec’ feel but this time imagining that they were viewed from a kind of flattened ‘side on’ perspective, a bit like Zelda’s ‘top down’ 2D only from the side. As I’m restricting myself to an 8 colour monochrome palette it was tough to get the shading right (really I think the side section should be darker but then I run out of dark tones) but I think the result looks pretty good.

Trouble is, these versions, whilst they certainly looked more solid, seemed too heavy and ‘brick like’ in-game. I attempted to counter this by designing a bunch of more ‘open’ tiles and making sure there was at least one ‘open’ tile between each ‘solid’ tile. The more ‘open’ tiles were a lot harder to get right and I spent a long time fiddling about with the way the shadows worked.

The ‘open’ tiles seemed to work but I didn’t think the arched tiles I had designed (even though I was pleased with them individually) fitted in with the overall, more geometric look of the game. Consequently I decided to bin these (always difficult when you’ve spent some time on something) and create a bunch more based on more geometric forms instead. I also added a subtle one-pixel indent between the ‘solid’ tiles which also seemed to break up the regularity a bit.

I’m pleased with the end result now and think the buildings look much better than they did. There is still room for improvement (isn’t there always) and I think with a bit of effort I could get some really interesting Escher-style connections going on – for now it’s time to park it though!

Dev Time: 1.5 days
Total Dev Time: approx 45.5 days

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