Creating Custom “Clicked” Event Handlers in Xamarin.Forms

Something I needed to do in a recent Xamarin.Forms project was to create a subclass of Image that had a custom ‘Clicked’ event handler attached. In other words, I simply wanted to be able to set Clicked=”MyHandler” in the XAML description of the image and have MyMethod called when the image was clicked – much the same as the Xamarin.Forms.Button class currently works.

Whilst I was used to catching touch events using TapGestureRecognizer, the syntax for setting up a custom event handler that could be set from XAML eluded me for quite some time and, as it was tough to find any decent examples online, I decided to create my own.

So here’s a simple ClickableImage subclass of Image with a custom Clicked handler added. The code is extremely straightforward so you could very easily copy and paste to create a similar ClickableLabel subclass of Label, or a custom ContentView, or whatever…

using System;
using Xamarin.Forms;

namespace Com.Bitbull.Examples
    public class ClickableImage:Image
        // This is the event handler that will be set from your XAML
        public event EventHandler Clicked;

        public ClickableImage()
            // Set up a gesture recognizer to respond to touch events
            TapGestureRecognizer tap = new TapGestureRecognizer();
            tap.Command = new Command(OnClicked);

        // Called every time the image is clicked
        public void OnClicked(object sender)
            if (Clicked != null)
                // Call the custom event handler (assuming one has been set)
                // You could always subclass EventArgs to send something more useful than
                // EventArgs.Empty here but more often than not that's not necessary
                this.Clicked(this, EventArgs.Empty);

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