Jetboard Joust Devlog #27 – Bang Go Some Bugs

Bit of a ‘clearing the decks’ session today as I get rid of a few bugs that have been irritating me. There were problems with the teleport sequence that I needed to fix (the jetboard weapon attachment not getting displayed correctly), the ‘lost the jetboard’ sequence was annoying me (as the main character carried on waving his arm all gung-ho even when it was obvious he was heading for certain death) and I needed some kind of explosion/disintegration effect for a destroyed jetboard.

None of these proved particularly heinous to sort thankfully so I could move on pretty quickly to tweaking the enemy explosions which I wasn’t entirely happy with. I wanted something a bit more dramatic but not too OTT and think I got there in the end – though my first attempts were way to extreme. Took a fair bit of tweaking though.

I tried adding a velocity deviation to the particles in the enemy explosion but I think I prefer it with the particles moving at a more uniform velocity. It’s not ‘realistic’ but it seems to fit with the visual feel to me, slightly more glitchy and geometric in quality.

Dev Time: 0.5 days
Total Dev Time: approx 29.5 days

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Improved ‘Lost Jetboard’ – Not So Gung-Ho Now!

Too Much ‘Shock And Awe’ For George W Bush Even?

Toned Down – Almost There

Final(!?) Explosion – More Uniform Particles

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