Jetboard Joust Devlog #28 – Bounty Hunter

So, with those annoying bugs out the way it’s time to start on what will probably be the last pickup – cash!

I want to have some kind of in-game currency for upgrading weapons and the like and I can’t see any point in getting too clever about it so I’m just going to stick with cold, hard cash. Plus I like the retro feel of having big spinning coins that get scattered all over the place – having an enemy dissolve into spinning coins is something of a videogame archetype after all.

The spinning coin wasn’t too hard too get right (at least compared to the spinning crate) but still took me a good couple of hours tweaking. I may well have different sizes of coin so this one, at 12px square, will either be the small or medium. I’m pretty pleased with it though I’m in two minds about whether the way some of the middle pixels flash a bit looks like light reflecting or just looks crap!

Once the coin was done the rest was pretty straightforward implementational stuff – the thing that took the longest was tweaking the particles etc for the ‘got coin’ effect. I also had to add a ‘cash’ element to the HUD.

So now I think I have all core gameplay elements in place really – now I need to start adding some enemies properly and get working on a first playable level. This is also the point where I need to decide if I’m going to do my main gameplay testing on mobile/touchscreen or PC/controller. Or both!

Dev Time: 1 day
Total Dev Time: approx 30.5 days

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The Spinning Coin

Bounty Hunting

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