Jetboard Joust Devlog #32 – Knob Rocket

Rather a frivolous blog post this one but I feel I should document everything, warts and all – and this issue has cost me a worrying amount of time.

I needed to add a rocket pickup so I could limit the use of the jetboard ‘jump’ attack (will write more on this in the next post). This should have been a simple task but unfortunately my ‘pixel rocket’ ended up looking rather too much like a ‘pocket rocket’!

I tried an alternative which I thought was OK but several people on Twitter though it was still too phallic so it was back to the drawing-board again.

Eventually I got there. The issue really was that the ‘shaft’ of my rocket was only two pixels wide – this meant that the end always looked ’rounded’ instead of ‘pointy’. Thickening the shaft to three pixels allowed me to have a pointy end which, I think, removed any sexual connotations for all but the most filthy-minded of individuals (I can’t believe I’m actually writing this).

Oh yeah – I’ve also added a new enemy type, I’m calling this one the Minion!

Dev Time: 0.5 days
Total Dev Time: approx 33.5 days


Pixel Rocket Or Pocket Rocket?

The De-Willification Procedure

Final Rocket Pickup In-Game

Introducing The Minion

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