Jetboard Joust Devlog #33 – Game On!

It’s always a great moment in the development of a game when the game actually starts to feel like a game, rather than a prototype, tech demo, or a bunch of animated GIFs on Twitter.

Thankfully I’ve now reached that stage on Jetboard Joust and have been able to spend the last couple of days refining gameplay rather than tweaking visuals or adding basic functionality – and I’m pleased to say that, considering it’s still early stages, it’s playing fairly well and has the old-school arcade feel I’d hoped for.

So now I’ll bore you with the kind of refinements I’ve been making over the last couple of days – some major, some pretty minor…

The Jump Attack
This was the really major change. It became obvious whilst testing that the ‘jump attack’ (which I’ve sometime previously referred to as the ‘weaponised jetboard’) was far too powerful and needed to be ‘nerfed’ in some way. I’ve settled for limiting the amount of jump attacks the player can do which seems to work well and is a solution I like because it’s somewhat akin to the smart bombs in Defender.

So there’s now ‘ammo’ for the jump attack which is represented by a new rocket icon in the HUD – enemies also drop extra rockets occasionally when destroyed (see the last post for more on that saga).

I was going to use the ‘jump attack’ as the basic attack when the player runs out of ammo but had never been entirely happy with this idea as I was worried that the transition from button-mashing ‘fire’ to fire a weapon to something that required a more judicious button treatment would be too jarring. I now have a separate button for ‘fire weapon’ and for ‘jump’ which works much better – the only disadvantage is that it will make the control system more complex on touchscreen devices. Those are low-priority for me at the moment though.

It was far too easy to run out of ammo so I’ve upped the initial capacity of the pistol to 24 shots. This will be expandable via weapon upgrades. It’s still pretty easy to run out of ammo but I like the gameplay aspect of having to dive down to retrieve the mini-ammo pickups all the time, it adds a ‘survival’ element which is unusual for SHMUPs but I think works nicely. It will have to be well balanced though.

I’ve added mini-health pickups as an additional occasional drop when enemies are destroyed. I felt I need something smaller than the ‘bubble’ health pickup which recharges you to full health (at least at the start of the game, the player’s max health level may be able to be upgraded).

Pickup Balancing
The algorithm that decides which pickups are dropped is ‘intelligent’ to a degree in that if the player is very low on health or rockets it is more likely to drop these items (though there is still a limit on the frequency at which these appear). I’ve done this type of thing in other games and like the result as it leads to plenty of moments where you are just ‘saved by a pickup’ which leads to more of an ‘edge of the seat’ feel – playing on the players ‘gambling response’.

Pickup balancing is going to be very important to gameplay. I’ve also added the more powerful ‘bubble’ pickups which, so far, appear after a certain number of enemy ‘batches’ have been released.

Pickup Timeouts
The ‘mini pickups’ now have a timeout attached so they don’t hang around forever. This is particularly important for the coins which otherwise could all be left for the player to scoop them up easily when the level was complete. Consequently coins have a relatively short timeout, whereas ammo, health and rockets i can afford to have hang around rather longer.

Enemy Frequency
This is another key thing to get right – so far the game seems to work better if smaller enemy batches are released frequently rather than large batches less frequently. In a previous post I talked about allocating enemies based on a difficulty score – I have also added something that prevents additional enemy batches from being released if the enemies currently in-game exceed a certain difficulty threshold. This prevents the user from becoming ‘swarmed’ by enemies which was becoming a bit of a problem.

Enemy Clustering
This one’s still on the ‘to do’ list but I need to add some variation to the speed and acceleration of the same type of enemy so they don’t end up ‘clustering’ too much which has a tendency to happen at the moment. I will probably also add some variation to the timing of their AI decisions.

Those are the main fixes – I’ve also fixed a ton of minor bugs and made a load of other minor improvements. Next step is to finish the initial set of gameplay tweaks and then start to look at optimising performance, particularly in regards to the way the ‘world wrap’ is handled.

Dev Time: 2 days
Total Dev Time: approx 35.5 days

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Enemies Now Drop Mini Health Pickups

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